Paneling free form mesh


I need to cover this mesh with some panels for my university project, but i do not know how to convert this mesh to a single surface (I believe it is possible to convert this to a single surface) so i can use morph method to cover it.

One more question please give me your ideas about my mesh`s topology is it ok and clean ? since it seems like some parts of my mesh are not as smooth as other parts. Is it essential to smooth these parts for the paneling purpose? If so, how can I do that ?

Thank you very much,

1.3dm (209.1 KB)

Hi Arash,
I would use the “Patch” command to rebuild the mesh into a surface. Note that using patch command you can adjust the number of spans to make it closer to original mesh. Patch surface will be smoother than the mesh. You can then use a plane intersection to trim with. I then used PanelingTools to create the panels (simple diagrid). See attached example that explains the steps in the Notes. (1.1 MB)

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Hi Rajaa,

Wow, this is absolutely perfect. Thank you very much.
Just one question, is there any way to do this in Grasshopper? I can not find patch method on rhinoscriptsyntax or rhino library. Does it exist with different command ?

There is a “Patch” component. It is located under Surfaces>Freeform