How to edit a dimension length and grow an existing dimension?

Every article seems all about editing text size etc, I want to alter a dimension Length from e.g. 3.57 inch to 3.95 inch.
Now I could create a whole new dimension starting at the same place as the one I wish to alter, then delete the former, but is there a way of simply entering the new value and seeing the existing dimension grow its length ?

Useful when its tricky to locate the start point of the dimension, other objects attracting my snap in that area.

This for V5


You can use _Scale1D , maybe?

scale quote

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I cant get that to work,
also trying to pause the video to get to see each step, it sets it back to start.
I am doing this:-

  1. select dimension and turn points on,
  2. select transform scale 1D
  3. select the one control point at start of dim,
  4. enter the new value, hit enter nothing happens.


3a. Select the second point at the end of dim