How to scale position only?

Lets say I have a grid of circles that are spaced 2" apart. I want to reduce the grid to 1". How can I scale the geometry so that the spacing is changed but maintain the size of each circle?

Is it too difficult to start over?

Hi Lawrence- you can use the test command testScalePosition. You’ll have to type the whole thing, it will not autocomplete. Note test commands are not supported and are ‘at your own risk’ though I don’t think there is much risk in this one.


Thanks @pascal, this is a really useful tool, especially for architecture and other designs that rely on arrays and grid spacing. Why is this a test command? I would think something this useful should be a default scaling tool.

What other test commands are you guys holding out on?

Yep, it is included in various transforms in the next version of Rhino- not as a standalone command.


I didn’t know about these test commands.
Is there any list somewhere of all the test commands included in the rhino v5 ?
I’d be great to have a look and discover what you’re working on for next version.
Thanks for reply

One way to find a bunch of them is to put “test command” in the search box on this forum, they leak out here from time to time.

If the element that you want to scale position is a block or can be made into a block(even temporarily), this can be cone by turning on control points for the block and scaling the points. The advantage with this is that you can scale1D if you want to. the test command only seems to scale in 3D.

The test command lets you choose the mode.


Nice! I missed that…