How to Save Personalized Interface?

Good afternoon everyone!

May I know how to save Rhino Personalized workspace interface?

I have edited the panels on the right with different tabs and top-down settings and gray toolbar at the top right-hand corner. Also I make every viewport showing in ghosted view instead of wireframe.

I saved it as the template and exported the options. I exported and save another .rui and .ini .

I have no idea whenever I open a new file the original old settings/interface pop up again?

May I know how to apply the work interface layout as I want to whenever I created. Thanks!

Before, when I used the Mac version of Rhino 5, whenever I changed the work interface, it remembers without need to save anything.

May I know how to do it in Window Rhino6?

Thank you!!!

My personalized interface:

The New file created after I have saved everything:

The panel tabs are showing wrong.
The vray toolbar moved.

The layers are not what I set.

The template folder:

I wanted every “new” is my “Large Objects - Millimeters_3.3dm” but not the original “Large Objects - Millimeters.3dm”

How to do it?

Thanks a lot!!!

You can set Defualt Template in RhinoOptions:

Thank you! I have figured out the template issue. :smile:

Also as mentioned, in the thread, how to change the panel layout?

how to have layers panel and properties panel set top and bottom and remembered after every close down?

Hi - hopefully that will be possible for Rhino 7 at some point.

Hmm, I’m not understanding this - I always have Properties/Layers docked on the right side one over the other and it sticks between sessions - that since Rhino 4… Rhino 5 had a problem that it would periodically reset, but I haven’t had a problem since V6…

Thanks, Mitch!
I suppose I might have put too much into the question. Perhaps just docking them there and leaving them on works fine.

Looks like you ran into that during the RH6 WIP at least:

At any rate, RH-35026 is still open…

Yep, at some point in the V6 development this got (more or less) fixed… ISTR there are still a few people that have some problems with this and there are still some other docking glitches with some of the other stuff like Osnaps and Selection filter.

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Thanks a lot !!! :grin: :grin: