How to rotate each element of the zeotrope separately

Hi there.

So I am having great progress on a 3d printed zeotrope.

Several incredibly helpful humans have given me some great help.

My next challenge is to try and get the individual spikes of the zeotrope to spin.

currently they are translated outwards and scale slightly larger as they leave the center but I was thinking it would be great if each new piece of the spiral was rotated slightly.

This will give the effect of them spinning as the grow outwards.

I am trying to get my head around this but I can’t seem to get anything helpful to happen.

Regards, Nick.

increasing length lines yay (54.0 KB)

I hope this is what you want, just erase the list item component and unhide the rotation component
increasing length lines yay (55.0 KB)

oh wow that is perfect!

I am so blooming grateful for your help!

Now to start printing.

Last nights estimate was something like 7 days straight but hopefully we can bring that down.

Regards, Nick

So To me it looks like the rotation of each element speeds up and slows down. I am not sure if this is an effect of the arrangment but to me I can only thing the rotation goes up and down in speed (rotation angle between elements)

I am not certain why or how it is happening and also not certain I don’t prefer it anyway.


I hope you didn’t have to 3d print it to find that out!
The angular increments are steady from spike to spike, my best guess would be that While rotating, the eye compares each spike to the one directly left (or right) to it and not to the next one in the series (which would be the next one on the spiral)
do you have some footage (real or rendered) that you can show?
or at least show me how the movement is supposed to “flow”