Compound Rotations

Based on the research I did, I thought this was the right way to go about compounding rotations but apparently not…

The rotations for the x and y-axes work fine on their own, but the Compound and Transform components don’t seem to be behaving as I thought they would.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ole (12.9 KB)

If you are using transform components for their X output, you do not need anything plugged into G. Leave the G inputs of the rotations empty.

Yes, I’m only using them for their x-outputs.

I left them connected to show the x and y-axes rotations work correctly around the origins of their individual base planes. But when rotating both sliders using the Compound and Transform components, the entire collection of circles rotates as if I’ve grouped them

I think I may not have been clear in what I was trying to achieve. I want each circle to rotate around the origin of its own base plane, not for the entire group of circles to move in unison. Similar to how they behave if you turn on preview for one of the Rotation components and hide the Transform component.

Note exactly each circle behaving like this, but I hope you get my drift…

Because you are compounding all the transforms into one transformation, you should only be compounding each two to make a compound for each circle. (13.4 KB)


Still pretty new to Grasshopper. Every problem I run into it’s inevitably data matching. Thanks very kindly for your help.

Hi Michael,
To me it looks like the following two alternatives does the exact same thing (by moving the graft to the Rotation components) :

// Rolf


Indeed, I just really like weave, entwine, and merge components for my own clarity.

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