How to return a rotated obect to an ortho orientation

I opened an older design and want to reassign a degree of rotation to a couple objects. They are not at the same degree of rotation. I’d like to return both to a ‘flat’ position and apply the new s


Is there a quick way to such?

If you had used NamedPosition before your initial move and saved you could do so.

You can realign to an ortho view using the Rotate command with Osnaps and Ortho or SmartTrack. Select the origin of rotation in the Perspective view and then switch to an ortho view that is perpendicular to the one you’d like to align to, e.g. Right to align to Top. Then define the reference point for rotation in that view. Finish by moving your mouse until you snap to ortho using either Ortho, the Shift key to toggle Ortho on or SmartTrack.

The first this to remember is Rotate works with the Axis or rotation perpendicular to the current VPort CPlane.
Rotate3d lets you establish both ends of the Axis so the CPlane doesn’t matter.

Start your desired command, select your objects to rotate, and pick the end of something that is one end of what you want to end up to be horizontal or vertical.
Click the other end of that line/edge so so it the angle you will be rotating from.
Then turn on Ortho, drag your cursor in the ortho direction you want and click.

Easy peasy

Well … maybe for you guys, but I’m a bit thick. Is there a vid that would demonstrate this?

Does this help?

I got it. I was on my way to say so, but thanks for the link! As soon as I turned on the ortho contraint I was fine. I’ve worked without it so long I forgot about it.

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Remember that the state of Ortho can be “flipped” by pressing and holding the Shift key.
It sounds like you normally model with Ortho off.
When you need ortho temporarily, just press and hold Shift to enable it without having to interrupt your command flow by clicking on the Ortho control.

Brian, you’re video instruction is one the best there is. I appreciate you! Sometimes - often things are easier shown than said. In this instance it was just a matter of turning on the ortho contraint. I wish I’d a mind that retained and accessed all the info it’s taken in - but I’m only human - and a absent minded one at that.

Thanks for the help

Thanks! I should have made a video snippet but I wasn’t on a Mac when I answered. I’m glad you got it sorted nonetheless.