Help! How to straighten a free rotated object?

If someone could explain or give me a command for how to make a free rotated object so it lies flat on plane, that would be fantastic! I have tried orient, align and and manually rotating via gumball, basically all I can think of.

I have done a sculpture with several polysurfaces that form an opened package. Surfaces are rotated and now I want them to lay flat, so that I can 3D print every part. But no matter how much I rotate on the gumball it still is not totally flat (my printer is doing 0.04mm layers), and I have lots of polysurfaces to reorient.

Hi Bromme -Orient3Pt should help here - the second set of points can be anywhere in the CPlane, the first three on the object’s planar face.


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Thank you Pascal,

I actually used another method you posted some time ago:

pascalMcNeelNov '13
Hi John- If you know two points you’d like to align to a Cplane axis, use Rotate, snap the center to point one, first reference point to point 2, and then use Ortho to align the rotation to the X or Y axis. Orient will also help, with similar inputs but I’d use Project on OSnaps with Orient since it is not constrained to the plane like Rotate.