How to restore a deleted tool


In a clumsy mood I managed to completely remove the ‘camera target’ tool in the Workspace editor.
It used to be next to the ‘Move camera target to object’ in the top toolbar under the ‘Set View’ tab.
Is there a way of restoring this tool, I’ve tried to reinstall Rhino, but apparently there’s still something left because that didn’t help.
Can I somehow ‘copy’ the tool from a colleague’s computer and place it on my pc?

Hi - you can restore the toolbars to their factory-default settings with the ToolbarReset command.
Note that you will lose any customizations by doing this.

Yes, you can, especially if you want to avoid resetting your toolbar file.

  • In your colleague’s Rhino have them create a new blank .rui file via Options>Toolbars>File menu and give it a name
  • Add a new blank toolbar to that .rui and then have them copy over all the buttons you might be missing into that toolbar.
  • Save the toolbar, then, browse to where it is on the computer - usually
  • Copy that out onto a USB drive and back onto your computer, then from Options>Toolbars>File menu>Import Toolbars, browse to the .rui file and import it.
  • Place the buttons in your arrangement where you want and then you can delete the unneeded toolbar you used for importing.
  • For safety save your toolbar arrangement right away via Options>Toolbars>File menu>SaveAll
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Thank you very much, this works perfectly.