How to represent Hedges?

Does anyone know how to represent a hedge using the software?
Alternatively I could texture a “wall” but I thought there might be a better way

Hi @garth2, you can use the _laShrub object command, using the “per linear meter” distribution.
Or you can also shape the hedge with a Rhino polysurface, and tag it as a plant with the _laTagObjectAsPlant command.

Nice! Thanks I’ll give that a try ta.

I was thinking more of a trimmed hedge however. I was thing maybe of a clipping mask for plants somehow. Like a visual exclusion based on the normals of a rectangle for instance?

Hi @garth2, yes, we could add some command to do a boolean subtraction with the plant, so you can “shape it” as you wish.
Or, you can explode the plant, so it will turn into meshes, and edit as you wish. But of course, this will kill the parametric features of the plant, and the link to the detailed file for rendering the plant.

Boom! Thanks mate, shoulda tried that myself. Awesome! Thanks!!!