Cycles and Lands Design plants bug



Hi @nathanletwory Can you check this out?
I installed Lands Design to test out the plants, but this is what happens if I turn on Raytraced:

BUT… If i use the Rhino Render Next and starts a render, then Lands pops up a statusbar and suddenly Raytraced starts over and renders the plant correctly at the SAME TIME as Rhino Render Next: (Waste of time + strange that it works)

UNTIL it reaches the destination value (170 in this case) then Raytraced decides to recalculate once more, but now with the “white bush” again.

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #2

I don’t have Lands, but could you save the tree and send it to me via PM?


I uninstalled it again. It was too unresponsive when I had as little as 8 trees in the scene.
But the beta is free and available here:
(I wish I got paid for bugtracking because then I could play with that stuff all day, so I have to leave that fun part up to you guys :wink: )

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #4

Right, I might do that later this week then - currently busy preparing for


it was too unresponsive in Raytraced mode or in any display mode?


Raytraced mode fails to manage Lands plants because they are quite complex objects. We need to do something to fix this.

However, when you use the Rhino Render Next, plants objects are replaced by much more detailed plants. In this case they are standard textured meshes that Rhino manages perfectly.

(jesterKing) #7

Rhino Render Next = Raytraced. In both cases the geometry, materials and textures are received through the changequeue system. There should be no difference.


In any, I added a few conifers and in an empty scene and I got a few delays where Rhino froze for 30 something seconds. I tried to move 5 trees and then it started thinking again (very unlike your videos). This was in rendered mode and I have a GeForce 970 on this machine, so it has enough power.


No, but when turing on Raytraced it looks like above, but when Rhino Next is started then a Lands Dialog box with a status bar appears before the rendering starts and then both the viewport and nxt starts rendering as I showed in the images above.

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #10

Does this mean you are using a conduit to draw in the viewport?

I think for Raytraced at least the correct way is to use the CRM, which is also what would be used in a production render. If you need to discuss this in more detail you can write directly to me with questions at


Yes, that is.

Custom Render Meshes sounds good, I guess one day we are going to implement them.

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