How to render an image like this?

I am interested in learning how this artist creates their images. More specifically how do they get this effect on their material?

1 method I found that got close was applying a chrome metal material to an object and having a trippy colorful image surrounding it so it reflects the patterns. I don’t know how to change the color of the metal though. Any other ideas?

Airbrush maybe?

Have you tried asking the artist?

Yeah I’ve tried. the biggest issue Im running into is I place an object into a box. The object is highly reflective metal, and the box is wrapped in the trippy colorful image. I dont know how to light the object while it is inside the box

This is where im at but I dont like having the studio lights in it

Try setting up an hdri image in the environment.
Googling ‘ neon colors hdri ’ gives some results. Good luck!

Thanks, Holo! I did that and that’s how I got the image above. In his images the colors are very fluid like whereas mine are almost angular…

This is one of his…

Share your HDRI. Different patterns can give different results also try to use a smoother mesh, your mesh looks facetted

A quick test gave me this result:
Excuse the bad models, I just quickly made something to indicate the shapes you referred to :slight_smile:

Note that the image I used is not a tile able image so it has seams.

The objects are crome and the ground is a also a crome, but rougher.

A more complex shape, rendered with no backdrop object, just the neon image, with ground as shadow only:

And in rendered mode (viewport openGL):

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Here is a file to play with. Test out different blurry images and see if you get closer to your goal :slight_smile:


neon environment.3dm (10.1 MB)


You are indeed amazing! This is exactly what I was going for. Going to test it out now and Ill report back with any questions! Thanks Holo

neon environment v6.3dm (10.2 MB)
Here’s the V6 version of the file as requested in pm.
Have fun!

@wim something is causing this file to be 10MB, can you figure out why?
I did paste the Ferrari model in, but then deleted it and purged, so it should be light and easy.

Check Environments and Textures panels. You have a couple of things there that amount to ~10MB. Especially RhinoWIP Audit3dmFile will help you: carstudio3.hdr is 3 456 852 bytes, Toronto Evening.hdr is 5 609 222 bytes and 3arStudio2.png is 1 114 401 bytes. Lose those and your file will be small.

╭─nathan@jesterMyks:~/Downloads 22-09-25 - 12:17:43 [82%]
╰─○ ls -hal neon*3dm
-rw-r--r--  1 nathan  staff   379K Sep 25 12:16 neon environment v6 lean.3dm
-rw-r--r--@ 1 nathan  staff    10M Sep 25 12:07 neon environment v6.3dm```

Sweet! I didn’t expect import to bring the environments inn too so I didn’t check that. Thanks!

And I see that when I run purge here on the office it removes the environments. I must have tagged that off back home.