How to hide original edge after "edge softening"?

Edge softening is a quick and great feature, but I wonder there’s an option to turn off the original edge boundary?

As far as I know you cannot. But in render mode the sharp edges don’t show up. Otherwise one way around is to use the "ExtractRenderMesh"command. The downside being that you loose the ability to change later again the soften edge dynamically. (you’ll need to extract the rendered mesh again).

You can turn off Edge display in the named display mode configuration, but it is not selective. All edge curves will be hidden.

ah I wish ‘edge softening’ gives an option to hide the original edge so that I can still keep other edge lines.

What you’re calling the original edge is still the real edge.
All EdgeSoftening does is twiddle the sharp edges on the Render Mesh.
No geometry change is happening.

I see. Thanks for explanation. I hope in the future there’s an option to hide the real edge and show the render mesh in the render view. The render view is very convenient and powerful as a real-time working session with clients.

You can also make your own named working display modes that do not show surface edges.

The thing is, showing the surface edge is good (wish it could be thinner). I just hope that there’s a separate option to show render mesh after edgesoftening.

Is ExtractRenderMesh what you’re loking for…?