How to read area of Spaces inside blocks?

Doing a study for modular timber buildings. At this early stage it makes sense to work with blocks, because many of the apartments are exactly the same.

The challenge is to get an automatic, flexible area calculation out of these blocks. I tried to use a normal vaTable, but it will only ‘see’ Spaces outside of blocks. So, I’m going for Grasshopper:

VisualARQ spaces in blocks.7z (66.4 KB)

As you can see, I get all Space blocks out of the ‘Cull Pattern’ component, but they won’t work with the VA Area component. Looks like the Spaces are ‘encapsulated’ in blocks…? If that is so, how would I explode these blocks to finally get a list of Spaces?

Btw: error messages like this are somewhat irritating:

The VARQAll component cannot ‘look’ inside blocks, too - which would be a desirable feature.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Eugen,

I am reporting this issue. Maybe the first “Block Decompose” component you used should be returning a vaSpace, not a block. Maybe for now, what you could do is creating vaSpaces automatically with Grasshopper out of the blocks or just create a vaSpace in one of them and repeat its area by the number of identical blocks.

I’ll check if there is something we can do from our side to fix this.

I will add this feature to the list.

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Yes, that would make sense!
However, a Space is some kind of block, too, right? Something’s doubled here…
Thank you!