Get area from the center line of wall object

As title
How can i get the area data from the center line from wall objects of a space?
Because this is the only way we calculate for our customer include “Building Code” review, so it’s very fundamental and important function for us to run projects in BIM enviroment. (otherwise, that would be wonderful if i can “calculate” in table function directly, it’s seems the table function only “show” results ).
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Hi Louis, this option is not available in VisualARQ. We might include it in future versions.
As a workaround you can manually draw a polyline that goes trhough the central axis of walls and create a space from curve.

The option to show calculations inside tables as a result of the sum of quantities is something that we also might add in the future. Right now you can export the table to Excel , and do the calculations there.

Hi Fsalla, Thank’s! I’m really looking forward to these new features!

I’m not really sure if it is what you are asking, but I think calculations can be easily done with VisualArq Grasshopper components.