How to protect Rhino 3d software from being copied


Can people steal my Rhino3d when they use my laptop?
How can I stop them from stealing!?

Hello - the actual software, or your files? For the software, they would need an installer, which is freely available from our website, and a license key, which is not… For the files, you are on your own if you lend ,people whom you do not trust, your laptop.



Thanks Pascal for the apt reply.

I didn’t save my files on the computer. I chute them into a backup drive. So that is OK.

Glad they cannot steal my software.

But I am also concerned they could modify my files?

I tried locking the software up but to no avail.
Is there any way I can lock it up.

It’s a no choice situation.

You are talking about a general topic of access control on your computer. It’s not specific to Rhino, though.


One way is to change login access from the screen page. But I am wondering if software could be locked in folders? Tried bat files but didn’t work.