Project geometry from flat surface to curved

Hi! Does Rhino support a feature to project geometry from a flat surface to curved with non-coplanar faces? For example like this on my screenshot where grill pattern applied to the surface as a texture with alpha channel.

Hi @summerson1990
It really depends a lot on what the end-goal is - if it’s for production, rendering, 3D print; do you need NURBS or mesh, what kind of resolution do you need etc. Some of the commands that you should probably look at are FlowAlongSurface, CreateUVCrv/ApplyCrv and also take a look at the Displacement tab in the panels.
HTH, Jakob

In this exact case I think it’s enough to simulate such a surface with a texture. But I’m just interested in abilities of Rhino for such a task. I’m using now SU and of course, it’s weaker than Rhino. So I’m thinking about to go to Rhino as it probably could do much more harder surfaces with a lot of polygons what certainly SU cannot work with