Problem projecting curves

Hi All,

I am working on this tutorial to make a simple shoe shape. So I have made a surface using sweep2 between two rails and two curves. However when I project a curve on this surface it becomes a bit wobbly. Not a nice flowing line. Does anyone have an idea how to get a better flow in this shape?

I have added the file.

All best and thanks in advance,


tryout9_shoe.3dm (192.4 KB)

Hi Morgan - as far as I can see the projection is correct - the original curve is not all that clean to begin with (see CurvatureGraph, scaled at about 110) and the target object has a reverse curvature - dips in a bit. So I think the answer from Project is right, you might make a little swoopier curve to project.

tryout9_shoe_PG.3dm (172.1 KB)

BTW, you can project the curve with History recording on, and then point-edit the curve and watch the projection update until you like what you see.


Hi Pascal - Thanks for the update! I will try your suggestions :slight_smile: