How to print without border?


I need a color-grid 512 x 512 pixel as PNG-file from this 3dm-file color_grid.3dm (93.1 KB)

I try to print my color-grid in Rhino 7.7, but get always a small white border.

How to remove the border in Rhino?



You may have to do a window selection instead of extents.

hi @stevebaer,

also with the selection “Window” or “Set” it manually, I get this white border.

Please try it yourself.



Then you’ll probably need to tweak the (on paper / in model) scale ever so slightly. Here’s my attempt

Hi Steve,

yes, this works.



P.S.: I think this kind of tweaking will be hard for graphic designers, which I am not. :wink:

I agree; fortunately the issue almost never comes up. We’re hoping to build a new cross platform print dialog for Rhino 8 and will try to take things like this into account.

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