Print without UI


When I’m trying to modify the print settings from the command line the some of the changes are ignored.

-_Print Setup Destination Printer {0} OutputColor DisplayColor OutputType=Raster _Enter View Scale 1 _Enter _Enter go _Enter

Output color and output display parameters are not applied correctly.

Is there any other way to set these parameters from rhinocommon?

Thank you

Hey @guillermo_sotomayor

I am able to repeat your issue with the command line and have created a ticket here.

As for RhinoCommon it will be more work but have a look at




You can setup your view capture settings and pass them off to the viewcapture to print to an image.
You’d need to pass this to the printer of your choice from your code.

This is essentially the way you would print from RhinoCommon for raster based prints.

You can access the FilePDF class for printing vectors.


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Thanks @Trav
That is working better with this classes.