Printing in Python as an Image, printer setup problem


I’m trying to print a lot of layouts automatically to PNG in Python by using rs.command(-_Print…), I have it setup like this :

“-_Print Setup Margins TopMargin=5 BottomMargin=5 LeftMargin=5 RightMargin=5 _Enter Destination OutputColor DisplayColor Printer " + str(printer) + " Pagesize 420.0 290.0 OutputType=Raster _Enter View ViewportArea Layout ViewportArea Layout _Enter ViewportArea Layout _Enter _Enter _Enter Setup Destination Pagesize 420.0 290.0 _Enter _Enter _Go”

Most of the option are working but I have problem with the printer and the path:
in the variable printer what do I have to put? I set it up to :

printer = “Image File (PNG, BMP, TIF, …)” but doesn’t seems to work
and how can I assign a path on my computer so it will print directly there? otherwise the script will stop and ask me each time for the path.


This is an old bug, and from the looks of it, difficult enough to fix so it’s not going to be done for V5…

For now, scripters can use ViewCaptureToFile.

– is what is suggested in the bugtrack item.

HTH, --Mitch

Oh ok I see, thanks for the head up Mitch.

by the way it’s kinda of related I’m trying to access all the installed printer name in Python but rs.PrinterNames () is still not functionnal in Python however in Rhinoscript I can get it with Rhino.PrinterNames ().

I thought I can access that command in Python somehow like this :
arrPrinters = Rhino.PrinterNames () but it return this

Message: attribute ‘PrinterNames’ of ‘namespace#’ object is read-only

Now from my limited understanding I suppose I have to type something more like this Rhino.Utility.PrinterNames () but I can’t figure out what comes between Rhino. and .PrinterNames().

is there anyway to search throught this panel in the Python debbuger when I need to fin a command :