Print pdf with layers

Hi all!

Is it can print pdf with layers?. I have seen it in the school as people do it with autocad. It’s can do with Rhino o maybe it depend of the virtual printer. I use pdfcreator, is there some virtual printer that can offer better results for print with Rhino?


Not currently; this is a feature we are hoping to implement in Rhino 6

ok, I’ll wait the version 6

This might be overkill but the SimLab 3D PDF export plugin will export layers.

There is no such feature in RH6 banana :slight_smile: Is it going to be in full version?

We have rewritten our PDF exporter in V6 with dramatically improved curve support. We have not gotten to layer support in PDF export yet, but it is still on the wish list to implement.

Great. I didnt notice that there is such option to “save as”. When I printed my drawings through Adobe PDF, it was crashing until I set every layer from deafault to hairline (I guess this was the reason since it does not crash from that time :slight_smile:

The Adobe PDF printer driver is one of the reasons we wrote a new embedded PDF capability in V6. We would get mysterious crashes in the driver for cases like you are describing. I would recommend just using the built in PDF driver in V6 in general. If we see crashes with that driver, we have a fighting chance of fixing these.

Exporting from rhino pdf is much faster, but that size?? One of my drawings is 10x bigger than from adobe pdf printer. When I send 10 drawings via email I don´t expect the size to be the same like a photo. Also there is no option to open file after job is done. (hope to see layers in pdf soon as well)

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The file size issue was improved in a service release. Please make sure that you are using the latest available service release of Rhino.

I update everytime there is a new release (today I checked). Now I exported a drawing and Adobepdf is 68kB ad rhinopdf is 409kB (at least 5x size).

I would need to see the 3dm file to try and repeat this. I know that in many other cases the file size between the two products is similar.

pdf size file.3dm (1.0 MB)
This is the file I printed - A3 size 1-50 scale. I just removed some info about the project - so the size will be different, than I posted.