How to print objects on cplane in print layouts & details of layout correctly?

Hi, all

I can print lines on my cplanes if I print without layout.
But I cannot print them using layout & details of layout.
It seems to print projected on world cplane.

How can I print objects on cplanes I created in layouts & details of layout correctly ?

If You double click the detail and get into it then You can manipulate the view as usual. For instance - select the geometry You want to print and use plan view.

I can print objects projected from TOP on the CPlane I created only without layout and the detail.

But I’d like to print objects projected from TOP on the CPlane I created in layout and the detail.
I cannot set cplane in the detail.
I can project only world axis in detail window.

What’s wrong? I’m using Rhino5 64bit SR7.

What do you mean by “objects created in layout and the detail”?
If you are working in Layout mode, things are pretty much meant to be 2D so you are stuck to WorldXY.
If you add stuff with a detail view activated, this is essentially the same as working in a model view. So there is no reason something should look or work differently.

Tested orienting a detail view to plan view of a CPlane on Rhino5 64bit SR7. Worked for me.

I mean " CPlane I Created" have some angle from WorldAxis.
So I stuck to WorldXY when I orienting a detail view to plan CPlane.

Sometimes, I want to print drawings rotate 90 degree.
Sometimes, I draw Lines on Rotated CPlane then I modeling.

But I don’t want to copy, because it brings to me many things to manage when many parts is included in one file. Which is original or copy when I want to fix later.

So I want to do that.
But if that is not possible for now,
How can I request this function to the developer or manager of Rhino?

I guess I still don’t fully get your problem. Maybe it’s a language problem. So sorry, if you already know.

In Model views, you can draw whatever 3D object you want and orient any view to whatever plane (CPlane, World plane, planar surface) you want.

Orienting a View to a CPlane will do so according to the CPlanes axes. If you are not satisfied with the orientation, you can either create the CPlane so the axes are rotated or you can rotate the view around the cameras view axis. (CTRL+Shift+PgUp/PgDwn or CTRL+Shift+RMB)

Any detail in Layout mode is just another View, you can orient as you wish. You need to double click a detail to activate it. An activated detail looks and behaves like any model view.

You should not use Layout mode to draw anything other that 2D. Layout mode is meant to place (2d) detail views (of 3D models), annotate and maybe add some 2D line work.


Ok, I’d like to know one thing.

How do I rotate only 2D details at 90 degree to print (without rotate paper)?

Perspective view works well in details.
But I could not set orthographic view for CPlane in details for 2d line work.( even if exist only 2D drawing objects there.)

Could you please add a simple example with the some lines and details you want to rotate?

Hi Katsu- with a detail active, try

_TiltView _Angle 90

does that do anything useful for you?


That was very useful for me.