How to prevent rhino from viewing pictures in wireframe or shaded mode

If I drag and drop an image into rhino, it keeps displaying itself at all view mode, not just rendered, but also wireframe, is there a way to make it act like a normal material?
btw, I already convert it to custom material

Hm - it looks like Picture objects are tagged to always draw as rendered. You’ll need to make a new plane (snap to the corners of the Picture) and then apply the same material as the Picture.


Thanks, but Iknow that already.
The problem is that I have 69 pictures and that would be a problem! are there any better solutions than that?

I always put each of my picture drawings into a dedicated layer, which makes it really easy and convenient to show or hide the one I need at the moment while hiding the rest ones.

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Me too, though I only very rarely use pictures as reference.
But in the case of 69 pictures that is not a very practical.

How about using _SetObjectDisplayMode to force the images to display as Wireframe? I use the opposite to force the display of selected surfaces as Ghosted in Wireframe displaymode.

If I have multiple blueprints, I create a main layer and put each blueprints in a separate sub-layer. I do the same with layers for screws, nuts, washers, etc.

The main problem here is the annoying redraw of textures that happens every quick save, and if you have so many 8K images, well that is really annoying, so if shaded mode can hide theme it will be great, since rhino will crash if all 69 images were visible in the view port, I know about layering and hiding layers, but I need the shapes to be there to snap to them. that is my original problem, so if there is away to prevent rhino from redrawing the textures each time, it would be great.

Hello - here is a quick python that will convert pictures to similar objects that are not pictures (787 Bytes)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"



OMG!!! that just works in a second!!!
They should add this to Rhino!
Really useful script, I wish all people can benefit from it, just like me…
Again thank you so much Pascal!


I wish it could be an option in display modes. So we would be able to have a wireframe mode with picture and another one without. I recently imported a pdf and realized that Rhino was really slow zooming/panning with a “not so crowded” technical drawing. I had to hide all surfaces cause I wanted to stay in wireframe mode and minimize the modification to the file. I was then surprised the options to show/hide picture was not available like curve, mesh or clipping plane…


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Hello Pascal,

would you happen to have a similar script that does the reverse - i.e. make it so that a regular surface with a bitmap texture applied to it becomes a PictureFrame and thus visible in PDF print-outs even in wireframe mode?


Hi Pekka- hm… not sure - let me have a look.


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