How to prevent rhino from viewing pictures in wireframe or shaded mode

If I drag and drop an image into rhino, it keeps displaying itself at all view mode, not just rendered, but also wireframe, is there a way to make it act like a normal material?
btw, I already convert it to custom material

Hm - it looks like Picture objects are tagged to always draw as rendered. You’ll need to make a new plane (snap to the corners of the Picture) and then apply the same material as the Picture.


Thanks, but Iknow that already.
The problem is that I have 69 pictures and that would be a problem! are there any better solutions than that?

I always put each of my picture drawings into a dedicated layer, which makes it really easy and convenient to show or hide the one I need at the moment while hiding the rest ones.

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Me too, though I only very rarely use pictures as reference.
But in the case of 69 pictures that is not a very practical.

How about using _SetObjectProperties to force the images to display as Wireframe? I use the opposite to force the display of selected surfaces as Ghosted in Wireframe displaymode.