How to prevent floating toolbars and viewports from disappearing when Rhino isn't active

Sometimes I need to take a screenshot of Rhino but when I open the snippingtool the floating viewport and the floating toolbars disappear (which is a good thing in most scenarios) so how do I toggle them to be on visible?

I use the delay function on Snipping Tool. That will allow you to start a capture, switch to Rhino and have all the floating stuff be visible before the capture is made.

I would make a screencap with Snipping Tool of Snipping Tool, but it hides itself for the duration of the capture… :smiley:

Here a Shift+PrtSc and cropped in Paint:


P.S. answer to your question: you don’t - there is no such toggle AFAIK.

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Ok, then can you please put it on the wishlist? At least for Floating Viewports?
I use it for Raytracing to ensure a fixed viewport size and then it is nice to have it visible while it calculates.

I use this macro to pop up a new viewport:

! _NewFloatingViewport

Request logged as RH-45656.

Hmm, not here (Win 8.1)…

No “delayed” option in the snipping tool in 8.1 though…

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Hi @Holo -





learn some every day.

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Thanks Pascal!

Awesome! Thanks Pascal :sunglasses: