Floating Viewport Disappearing (v-ray)

@Peter.Chaushev can you reproduce this in Rhino?

Run the command “NewFloatingViewport” to create a new floating perspective. This new window disappears for me whenever I open the V-Ray Asset Editor. Plugin version is v4.10.02 Nov 6 2019.

I have to click back somewhere in the other Rhino Viewports for the floating one to reappear.

It’s a bit problematic especially when setting up the camera resolution, and wanting to double-check with safe-frame.

If not the same, it seems vaguely related to:

Hi DuncanW,

Floating Rhino windows (e.g. not docked) will disappear once Rhino main window looses focus. V-Ray windows are external process windows and hence gain focus when you click and interact with them.

It is not strictly a V-Ray problem, it happens with a regular Rhino windows as well. Check this example:

Now click on your desktop and the Object Properties window will disappear.
There is no V-Ray involved here at all

Hi Nikolay, thanks for getting back.

I see what you mean, yet strangely this didn’t seem to be a problem for Maxwell, which I’d so far used.

I guess I’ll have to switch to a docked viewport for setup for now.

As far as I know, Maxwell have their software as standalone and a bridge plugin.

If that is the case and you repeat the test above but clicking on the Maxwell window instead on the desktop will the undocked window disappear ?
Bellow I use notepad to simulate the situation. Clicking on notepad (or any other window on the system) will make Object Properties will disappear