Wish: Temp. Hide ONLY Floating Toolbars

I have looked for a command for this but couldn’t find one.
I use a 2 x monitor setup and keep many of the floating toolbars on my 2nd screen so that I have a clutter free main monitor Rhino workspace.
I often refer to outside reference material (PDF, Emails, Images, Folders etc.) with these programs visible on the 2nd monitor.

The Problem: Reference info open on the 2nd monitor in another program gets covered up with all the floating toolbars as soon as I switch focus to Rhino.

I know that there is the FULLSCREEN command which maximises the viewport and makes all the floating toolbars disappear, but the problem with fullscreen mode is that the command line also disappears. ie. I would like to do be able to do some work whilst being able to see my reference material on the 2nd monitor.

So, what would help is a quick way to hide all the floating toolbar clutter(on the 2nd monitor) but still be able to use the main viewport (including command line AND/OR Main menus etc.), and then just as quickly restore the visibilty of all the floating toolbars.
An option to toggle visibility of the floating toolbars would work, or alternatively an option to retain the command line in fullscreen mode.? Thanks. Michael VS

Hi Michael - use the dash version of the command to tell Rhino what to show and hide (_-Fullscreen) using the command line options.


Hi @pascal, Thanks. Thats Perfect. Didn’t know Fullscreen had all those options.
Will setup an alias etc. for what I need then.
Edit: Ended up using the following on a button:
_-Fullscreen ShowCommand=Yes ShowStatus=Yes ShowMenu=Yes ShowTitle=Yes Enter
Michael VS

I know- it is not ideal, stuffing the goodies away in the dash version- there are a couple of commands like this, not many, but we need to, at the very least, get the info into Help.