How to place the LineBase family?

Hello, I’m writing to ask you how to use the Rhinoinside.

I will do it and place it inside the rhinoceros using the method of placing it on the work surface as shown in Figure 1.

But there is an error on the linoside.
Is there a solution?

In the family itself you need to check workplane based.


Thank you for your reply.
However, the way I want is to place the Line-Base GenericModel Family using Rhinoinside.

i think you would need a specific component to do that.

The way i do these is a generic model with a parameter, use the perpendicular frame of each curve and its length to place a generic model work plane based family.

Um… is there a way to use Rhinoinside to modify the orientation after Work Plane Based Family placement?

Easiest way i can think of at the moment would be to parameterize the rotation in the family – similar to length, but would probably need to be a nested component. I’ll see if i can make an example.

I’ll think about it again. Thank you:>