How to pave small object over a surface

Hi guys,
I’m going to model such a jewellry. What command could pave an object over the heart surface?
Please guide me.

FlowAlongSrf, Pull, Squish plus SquishBack. you can also use project, that all depends on how you want to create it. or paneling tools if you want to be more sophisticated and precise in creating patterns on surfaces.

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What are paneling tools?

i am not sure if they are now integrated right from the start or if you have to download them as a plugin, on the mac version its integrated already.

basically every command starting with pt if you have it installed belongs to it.
here a pdf from the mcneel wiki describing in detail what it is.

here @bip posted 3 videos which may be helpful getting into it pretty fast.

but if you like it simpler you can also play with ArraySrf that will array your object on a uv grid which you can define, over the target surface. also pretty handy for repetitive objects.

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You need to download Paneling Tools separately for Windows. It’s a free plugin developed by one of our developers that allows you to repeat objects over a surface in Rhino,

Another tool which is specific for this task is,

I also found this in food4rhino, and

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Not sure why I got this email form Alex but if it helps, they are in the unofficial section still, so no tab at the top but if you type in pt then you get all of them and thats how I do it. you just have memorize them because they perform such different functions so I stick to a small library to begin with and then expand from there. The arraySrf command is great and there are a few other ones that are really dynamic if you use Rebuild and the Gumball…for Alex, I would suggest to start with a simple video that covers a few aspects and follow all the commands and then go back to them over and over until he has the all the commands memorized…

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