How to patch multiple OSM files in the same script with ELK


(Alyssa Parsons) #1


I am trying to stitch together and create a 3D model of San Francisco in grasshopper using the location plugin from elk. I am having to do this because open street maps will only allow me to crop a small window of data at a time. I have imported the osm files separately and they all seem to overlap on top of each other. I was hoping that they would place themselves in the right location based off of the latitude coordinate and the longitude coordinate. For example, when I imported one of the OSM files from the center of the city it popped up in the water.

in the image I uploaded the osm file i highlighted should be somewhere above the other osm file that is overlapping it.

any help would be much appreciated!!!


(Alyssa Parsons) #2

this is the image

(Tim Stark) #3

There are different websites, where you can download whole citys.
For example:

When your under the export task on, different websites will be shown.