Create a wohle city plan with elk

Hello everyone,

I created a site plan of a city block with elk. But now I want to create this for a complete city.

I want to do it with Bremen in Germany. I got the osm data from here:

The file was too big to open in grasshopper. It loads over an hour. A friend of mine extracted only the buildings from the file with the osmium tool. But still it is too big. (12 MB)

We also tried that with the highways. This file got 2 MB and after 10 mins it works. but the result was very inaccurate.

Is there an opportunity to create a whole city or that grasshopper can handle this big file?

Thanks for help.

Hi Adi -

I tried with a 12.2 MB osm file that I had laying around and Elk opened and extracted the building corner points in less than one minute. I then tried a 107 MB osm file right before dinner time and I don’t know how long it took - but it worked fine. There were 25 595 building footprints in that one.
I can only recommend that you let it run for a longer time or perhaps try with one of the other plug-ins that can read OSM files - Gismo, Mosquito, perhaps there are others. Or, perhaps, read the file into QGIS and then export it from there.

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