How to restore TMP file in Rhino

My computer accidentally died as I was about to finish my model, but I found a TMP file in the autosave folder. Can anyone tell me how to open the file in Rhino? My project will be due very soon but now I just lost everything…

Assuming this is Windows, you’re better off restoring a recent AutoSave file from the Recycle bin.
Then rename/move it using file Explorer and open it in Rhino again.

Thank you for your response. Yes I am using the Windows system. The TMP file is not in the Recycle bin. The ones in the recycle bin are not the latest version of my model. Is there any way to open the TMP file? I don’t know what file Explorer is. Internet Explorer is one of the options but it did not work.

Not that I am aware of.

Hi -

Press and hold the “Windows” key on the keyboard and then press “E”.

Remaining TMP files are a sign of a rather catastrophic event and will, in all likelihood, be completely useless.