How to open as read only?


I might be missing the obvious, but I thought there was an easy way to open a file as read only.
The reason I need this is that I have some reference files I copy paste from. These need to remain as they are without the changes being saved accidentally. If there was a OpenReadOnly command that would free up some memory in my head.


Attach to worksession, by right-click in layer manager + “Attach model”. The attached model is opened read-only.

Hi Menno,

It is opened read-only, however copy-pasting messes up the layering:

@Pascal If I copy to clipboard, selected geometry from an inactive worksession file; when I paste it, the layers are discarded and all is pasted in the active layer.
I’d saythis as a bug.


Hi Willem - Are you pasting to the current file or another session of Rhino? Anything copied in the current session that originates in an attached file has to end up in the current file, which means the current layer as well; if pasting to another session, I assume the same mechanism is used- that is the complaint, correct?



This is confusing.
If I paste from another regular file, new layers are created. I expect the same behaviour pasting from worksession files.