How to move in relation to the object pivot instead the world coordinates?


I break the upper selected part from the main part and now I want to move it along the object z-axis, but it’s moving along world z. What did I wrong?

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I feel Bongo 2.0 is a bit inconsistent concerning the use of Worldspace vs Objectspace.

  • For Position: an object always acts in WorldSpace
  • For Rotation: one has the option World- or ObjectSpace
  • For Scaling: always Objectspace.

So no, you do not do something wrong.

A workaround (I often use) is to make the object child of a proxy (point or whatever). In keyframe 0 the orientation of the proxy is set using rotation data. Now the actual object (child of the proxy) will move in ObjectSpace of the proxy.
A sample: MoveWorld.3dm (59.9 KB)


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I understand, nice workaround. Thank you for the quick help!!!

My pleasure!