How to model horse mane?

I am looking for suggestion how to model horse mane as shown here


or do…

…but why work more when you can work less (or more :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) and get what you want?
meaning: no tutorial will draw you the mane you want until you make it, lol, or fake it.

Grab a free 3D horse with a mane online (quads better, if not, then quadremesh)

and throw it in rhino:

take what you need:

remesh more for fun:

export quad .obj and upload to a free 3D sculpting site, like sculptgl:


you’ll grasp it fast as you’re an artist…

download (sculpted) quad mesh to rhino, turn it into subD

otherwise, ignore all this and do sweeps and extrusions and stuff…

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lots of simple overlapping subd objects- don’t try to do it all at one time out of one piece.

Got you…never give impertinent advice.

Thanks for the reminder :wink:

what if the person needs one object not multiple?

Perhaps taking note of these:

  1. :grin:
  2. OP has not specified whether he/she needs a single object or overlapping objects (one single, not very dense, easy-to-manipulate SUBD object seems - intuitively to me at least - easier to ‘disconnect’ at strategic places if needed later, if multiple objects are needed)
  3. OP said: need mane like picture
  4. mane in picture is one object

is an adequate thing

you can always combine them later with stitch/bridge but that will be a different look, you can also always convert to nurbs and boolean/ trim/join etc…

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haha reminded me of:

good thing there’s quadremesh to save the day - sort of

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Thanks, Kyle!
I tried it - result is excellent!

pics or it didn’t happen… :wink:

It was painful.

did you model that whole thing in rhino, or just the mane? (which looks great btw)

Looks like a great exercise for paper doll layout and rule of three thinking…