How to model a torn paper?

Hello everyone,

Do you have any ideas on how to model the surface that has been outline with blue line in the image below as one singular surface, and not two joined surfaces?

Thanks in in advance for your time,

No image visible.

Thanks, just added the image.

Hi Mani - … no. But, why do you need it to be one surface?

How about this?

You can project a trimming curve with history and edit the surface deformation with a cage edit box to get interactively to your desired result.


PS: I had a helper:


Yeah - that… but it kinda depends on whether a single surface is really needed.


I believe them. I’m still naive and idealistic.

I knew it, I just knew it.


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I’m not sure if I can have enough control over the surface edges with cageEdit, but I will try this method.

Many thanks to you and your helper for such a nice drawing!

I’m extruding these surfaces and I would like to have a clean continuous edge.

Curiosity too.

maybe you can also get away with having microscopic roundings at the edges and draw it with 4 continuous curves and edge srf, sweep or whatever. you may have to smooth the result a bit and also see to it that you dont create overhanging curves that the surface can build up without folding in on itself.