How to model a nut no videos anywhere

raw, uncut, unscripted, on-the-fly, etc. Indeed, it should only take 30 seconds, as @DanBayn demonstrated.

But, it all depends on what the requisites are.

@Steve1 if you were able to “measure nut and create said nut in 10 mins using steps you mentiond”? then perhaps I’ll create anew thread and go in a different direction on this matter, as I have no idea what you need for insight, if any.

perhaps those are the ‘steps’ he mentioned. Indeed I recall many examples of solutions, and still yet no solution accepted lol.

Indeed, this is the angle I’m going with it, so most definitely will create anew thread – for the direction I want to go is with Grasshopper most likely. But first I’ll probably boil down some sequences with Rhino commands and decide and list something specific in the long run.

Then maybe I’ll create a V2 video that’s 10min, and scripted lol or rather no narration and maybe some nice music haha.

However, there is something to be said about ‘long-form’ and the requisite of ‘time-to-invest’ for those who seek ‘trade-secret’ work-flows – per say. I understand time is money, and most members here are in direct connection to many trade-secrets, but there’s nothing wrong with the requisite of time-investment placed upon an audience – not to mention the option of the fast forward buttons and slider.

Yes, the V1 video captured some hurdles I had, and I’m sure it would have been easier to do without the requisite of narration on the fly. Maybe next time I’ll add the narration afterwards and edit the video.

But time is money, of course, and the balance will have some effect.

Seriously though, where’s GH’s ‘helix’ component? lol :coffee:

time for spiral component.

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