Helical With Components

I want to share a small helix component group, somewhat emulating Rhino3D’s. It’s fairly easy to use. A point may be moved adjusting the length. Both points may be translated, changing the helix position and orientation.

The user needs to create and Set start and end points.
The diameter, steps per turn, and turns are individually adjustable.
Input panels may be substituted for the sliders.

For this purpose, I ran into problems using Series, so I used Range, with a constructed domain.
The user can, of course, hide the points, and planes.

I needed a spiral tool for threading.

Going further, I guess that it could be made into a custom component. Sorry, it’s just helicals, until I need to make a fusee.

This was based from components laid out by Daniel Piker,
Ref: Generating a helix - Grasshopper

Helical.gh (11.0 KB)

It’s new, so please, make sure it works for your needs.

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You can use this

helix.gh (8.1 KB)


Another approach using geometry and no math:

If you want a tapered helix substitute a cone for the cylinder. Doing this requires changing the index of the List Item component.

Helix-bb1.gh (6.8 KB)

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I haven’t used expressions, yet.

I was curious what were you going for as far as A and B?

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@Birk_Binnard, I like it. It’s very…twisted, and resourceful.

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As you like if you want 1 millions; and 1 step is full circle so always the end of the helix can attached to the start


DoTheTwist.gh (7.9 KB)


twisted yes - but not kinky!

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Sigh! Most excellent Michael. Why didn’t I think of that?

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To be fair, I got the idea after seeing your screenshot, I always forget about those new(er) transform components :smiley:

Here are 3 prints I made using Michael’s simplified approach for generating spirals: