How to model a « melting » glass object?

Hi !
I am totally new to this forum so excuse me if I am not writing in the right category.
I am still new to rhino even though I started using it a year ago and I’m having trouble with modelling this kind of objects (see picture). I would like to recreate this effect of “melting”/“falling” glass (only the glass part) but I can’t achieve it, it never looks natural. I tried using tools as NetworkSrf or starting with a basic shape and modelling it with Rebuild+moving points around, but I still can’t get what I want.

Is there a better way to model this kind of objects ? (Which tools should I use?)

Thanks !

also show what you tried. I would make it as you described with control points and patience. maybe with Grasshopper and Kangaroo you can simulate the "melting"effect but I 'm just guessing.

Check this out. Not same as your reference image. But i hope it will help you somehow

Try this grasshopper plugin also:


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Try CageEdit to see if it gets you near your goal.