Form naturally shaped by using Rhino

Hi! My name is Stanley and I am industrial design student. I am designing vodka glasses with a spike for appetizer to encourage drinking and eating together. When you fill the glass with liquid without anything on the spike the glass flips, spilling the liquid which makes drinking without any food impossible (unless you hold the glass while filling it with liquid ofc, but its not well seen in Poland, where I live). I want to create a form where the spike perfectly results from the rest of the form, which I cannot achieve manually ( photos below ). There is a technique of achieving form naturally shaped with streching a flexible fabric (photos below). but it is very time consuming as I would have to construct a skeleton for the fabric first. And here comes my question, is it possible to somehow reflect this technique in Rhino and 3d print it after?? Thank you very much!


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Form naturally shaped

Have a look at Grasshopper:

Very nice work Stanley! John pointed you in the right direction. You can look more specifically into a Grasshopper plugin called weaverbird: