How to make the xy plane bigger

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Hello, I set the xy plane component to get the intersection of the internalized surface and xy planes. Since the xy plane is quite small than the surface, im looking into the way to extend the each xy planes.
i tried some “transform” related component to make the xy planes bigger, but im now missing the way to do that.
if someone know how to do that, please kindly teach me.

Best, Keisuke


  1. type “Options”
  2. Go to Grid, then adjust “Minor grid line spacing:”
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In Grasshopper, you can change the preview plane size in the menu bar under “Display > Preview Plane Size”. The default is 10, I believe.

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Thanks, deff-arch and sapiens
everything going well after your advices!
It seems I misunderstood how XY plane works.
If you need to make intersections between some plane and XY planes, do you chose different components? i become to think, the way i tried with XY plane is not proper way to make intersections because using grid to generate plane seems bit weird…

Best, Keisuke