How do I chage the size of the plane grid

I think this simple question may be more Rhino oriented, but I’m not sure. I have a layout template with model units set to meters and layout units set to millimeters. Whenever I create a plane in GH (e.g. a curve frame) the frame is huge compared to the canvas and design space.

How do I set the size of planes so that they are much smaller relative to the design?

Hi Norm,

You can adjust it under Display and Ajust Plane Size in the Grasshopper menu.

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Thanks for the tip… I did find the Grasshopper option Display > Preview Plane Size. This allows me to change the number of ‘plane squares’ in a plane, but it doesn’t let me change the size of the ‘plane squares.’ Do you know of a way to change the size of the ‘plane squares’ to match the size of the layout grid?

You just have to calculate the right plane preview size!

For example, each plane preview has exactly 8 vertical and 8 horizontal cells/squares. This means that at a plane preview size of 8.0 each cell has a side length of 1.0. Just divide the plane preview size by the number of preview cells (8.0 / 8 = 1.0).

Since the preview of the Rhino grid also consists of square cells, with a default size of 1.0 by 1.0 units. You can as well multiply the side length of one Rhino grid cell with the number of plane preview cells, to get the right plane preview size (1.0 * 8 = 8.0).

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Ah! Thanks so much. I totally misunderstood the way the plane preview size setting worked. So that helped a bunch.

You’re welcome.