How to make rocking chair?

How to make rocking chair? Help me! Thanks so much!![

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Not just any rocking chair!

the chair as picture above… :frowning:

In regular Rhino I would:
Create a curve of the edge of the :“front” surface, and copy it at the desired width.
Create several cross section curves of the front surface (as if the space between the ribs was filled).
Sweep2 to create the front surface using the curves from steps above.
Rebuild, RebuildUV or FitSrf to reduce the number of control points to minimum needed for the desired shape.
Modify the surface by moving control points as desired (possibly using SoftMove).
Trim the front surface as desired if needed.
VariableOffsetSrf to create the back surface from the front surface.
Contour the surfaces to create curves with shapes of the front and rear of each rib.
Loft between the front and rear curves for each rib.
ExtrudeSrf to add thickness to the ribs.
FilletSrf, FilletEdge or BlendSrf the ribs to shape the rib edges as desired.

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It’s easy (you don’t even need Grasshopper):

  1. In the Rhino “MakeMyModel” toolbar, find the “Furniture” flyout
  2. In the Furniture toolbar chose “Chair”
  3. From the “Chair” command line options, choose “Rocking” and “FromImage”
  4. At the prompt, choose your image
  5. Enter the appropriate dimensions when prompted
  6. Press OK to have Rhino create the model.
  7. You can also choose the “ProRender” option to have Rhino apply materials and light the scene automatically

HTH, --Mitch


thank you! :slight_smile:

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Gosh - my version of Rhino doesn’t seem to have a "MakeMyModel"
toolbar. I guess maybe I should upgrade to Ver. 10.

But then I only use GH/Rhino for 3D printing, and my printer is just a bit too small to print that rocking chair. So I guess I’ll stick with what I have.

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Gosh, you made my day.

when is MakeMyModel coming to osx rhino? And, will it make architecture for me? I’d really like to just put an image of someone elses building in rhino and get it to do the rest.

Hej Ktsmytrinh,

that’s fairly straightforward: Generate the slats in Grasshopper and have them milled from plywood. Attach the plywood slats with blind bolts.

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you forgot to read this This is not a do-my-work-for-me group

Just kidding Modeling a freeform bench same technic.

sorry :frowning: :joy:

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here’s a very manual method:

draw a Curve for the outer profile and one for the middle:

Mirror the outer curve:


Divide the top edge of the surface then ExtractIsocurve at those points:

Offset those curves:

ExtrudeCrv then Mirror:

a production model is done differently… but for now, try something like that (imo)


thanks so much! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
But, usually, i used to Grasshopper, because it’s easy customizable, just change the number, I have a new plan :slight_smile:
So, I’m thinking of drawing methods Grasshopper :slight_smile:

can you show the progress you’ve made so far?
do you have the profile curves or shape you’d like to use yet?

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Before I ask, I have already painted, but the design is not correct
i used Contour , ofset in Grasshopper