Please help! Making a chair in 3D

Hello guys .
I am a Design student and beginner in Rhinoceros. I’m learning your tools and I have a problem. I need to do a chair in 3D and I’m a little lost. Could anyone help me? Where do I begin ?
I looked for tutorials and examples but found nothing .
Below are some images of chair.


Thank you !

The seat is a job for the ‘surface from curve network’ command. The base would then be a revolve.

If you are a beginner, it’s not the easiest command to start with. Have you seen any of the tutorials on Rhino? If you’re not a member, here’s a link for 10-days free.

I also have some free tutorials at professor3d, plus one recent video just focused on the surface-from-curve-network command.

schultzeworks Thank you so much. I got this result.
But I have another question, I would be glad if you could help me!

How can i do the holes around the chair ?

Thanks for helping me!

Look for the command ArrayCrv for a start

Marc thank you so much!

I have one last question. I will be very grateful if someone help me.
How can i do the edges as if they were bubbles? I spent the day and in the end I did not reach the goal.

You guys are helping me a lot!

Thank you so much

I think this would be another job for FlowAlongSrf.
Search for this command in the Rhino help and in this forum, you’ll find lots of examples.

How about use ArrayCrv to array the counter shapes; the shapes that need to be cut from the edge and use a boolean difference (or trim) to clear them…