How to make one surface out of many surfaces

How to make one surface out of many untrimmed surfaces?
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  1. Upload definition and make sure to internalize geometry we can work with an image.

  2. Explain better what you want. To make one surface out of many generally one uses Brep Join which you are already using, so it is not clear what you want. Isotrim component is not for joining surfaces, it is for trimming/splitting them.

  3. Try to plug your SubD into a Brep component directly to have a clsoed polysurface/brep

In that case, With the help of Isotrim, I want to divide surface into smaller ones and create extruded panels along the surface (shown by blue lines in the picture).

I think this is the wrong way to create panels (for example rectangular) along surface. And now I am just thinking about how to find the right way to do it.
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Shell.3dm (444.5 KB) (7.0 KB)

Do you want to join in all together or split it in panels?? :confused:

You cannot divide a polysurface. It need to be a surface.

A possible approach would be to create a new surface, by getting the side edge and extruding, that way you will have a surface.

Not much else I can do without your grasshopper file. (14.1 KB)

Sorry for my late uploading
Shell.3dm (444.5 KB) (7.0 KB)

Would like to achieve this result