Joining Polysurfaces

swirl.3dm (3.3 MB) I used Twist on a sphere and then used Exctractisocurves to get a curve to which I applied Pipe. I then did a Polar Array. The result was a spherical swirl which I deformed with Cage. I now want to turn what I have into a solid so I can 3D print it.

I tried BooleanUnion but it doesn’t work. I want to join all the surfaces and fillet the corners before exporting.

Hi Steve, I think I might do this a little differently - Union of so many objects that are all coming together is a hard one - does the object in the attached file work for you? If so, I can outline the process.

swirl_PG.3dm (339.3 KB)


Yes, that does work. Nice!! And I applied FilletEdge and it worked too!

It’s weird though in that there must be edges I don’t see because I have to select the edges individually as opposed to drawing a box around the whole thing. I don’t care as long as I can get a solid I can use for printing. Thanks for the help!

OK, well, here is the blow by blow, in case it helps.

swirl_PG_Steps.3dm (71.3 KB)


Got it and I think I understand it. Thanks!