How to loft to multiple openings

How can I loft the curves of the triangle to the 3 circles. This is supposed to look like a draping canopy supported by tensile structure. Thanks.

- so this would be the structure

- so this is what I’m looking for except not lofting each circle to the triangle but lofting all 3 to the triangle

Can you sketch how what you want?

- I want something like this except again its one loft not 3 like whats pictured here.

Terminology may be confusing here.

By “loft” do you mean what is usually called a “surface” in Rhino?

“Loft” in Rhino usually means a method for creating a surface between two or more curves. It’s not possible to create a single surface anything like what you want using your curves.

In theory a single, trimmed surface with the shape you want might be possible but it would have numerous problems. A better approach would be to create a polysurface,

The last 2 images I posted are lofts. I know the difference between loft and surfaces. I just like the look of the default loose loft between 2 curves because it mimics fabric canopies. I thought there would be a simple solution for this that I was unaware of. Building a complex poly-surface and pulling points to make it drape like a canopy is too time consuming right now. Are you saying that’s the only solution?

Loft is a method of creating surfaces in Rhino. The output of the Loft command is a surface. “Loft” is not a type of Rhino entity.

All Rhino surfaces have four sides, though one or two sides can have zero length. Rhino surfaces can be trimmed at the edges and holes trimmed in the middle, but the underlying surface still has four sides.

You could try Drape or Patch but if the resulting surfaces a close to conforming to the input curves they may have too many control points to efficiently modify.

You could also create some curves between the circles and the outer boundary, divide the overall surface into several surfaces and then use Sweep2, EdgeSrf, or NetworkSrf to create the individual surfaces, MatchSrf can be used to adjust how adjoining surfaces meet. Rebuild or FitSrf may need to be used before MatchSrf.

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You might want to look into using Grasshopper with Kangaroo to create tensile structures.
Example video…