How to lock target values when changing camera values?

Hi, I am really new to rhino so I am probably making a stupid mistake.

I have this project and I’ve already exported it to pdf from the Isometric view as well as the top view.
Now I want to export it with the camera in 5 positions between those two views. I just want to do manually (as i need it to be precise) what i can do with the orbit tool, where i rotate my camera without changing my target. But when i try to change the camera values manually in this pannel
the target values keep changing.
I then tried to use the Place Camera and Target function, and when i insert the values, sometimes it does it correctly while others it just assumes the right camera values and puts random target values…
I 've also tried to use bongo plugin to do it automatically but it does a strange animation between those two views (not related to the target problem).
Can anyone help?
I just want to export pdfs from this:

to this

just like this:

Hello- see if turning on the camera in that view (F6 key), abnd then Rotate or Rotate3d the eye point about the target point does what you want - that way you can use a precise angle.