Dynamic camera target (feature request)

Hi there,

Recently, I have been working in QGIS 3.28 making 3D maps. After initial confusion, I have noticed their method of camera target one good advantage. I don’t believe that rhino yet has this option. With rhino, the point around which the camera rotates seems to be static. This requires zoom selected hundreds of times a day.

Qgis creates a new camera rotation point for each time you rotate the camera. I believe it does this by:

Projecting a new camera point each time you rotate the camera. The projection occurs by: taking the current camera point, plus the mouse cursor point, and projecting that point to a surface. That point which has been projected to the surface is now the point which your camera rotates around.
Please see video from Qgis below:

Whereas in rhino, it seems that you have to zoom selected many times on an object.

What are your thoughts?


Hi @jdelavaulx
Hold down ctrl+shift+rmb to use the cursor position as the pivot point for the camera.
HTH, Jakob

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Thank you so much Jakob :slight_smile:

Is there a way to have this setting on by default?


Hi @jdelavaulx,

In V8, you can change it in Advanced Options: