How to load images in Grasshopper?

Hi everyone,

I would like to ask few questions about working with images:

  1. How can I load an image in Grasshopper so that it appears as if it was done in Rhino with Imageframe ?

  2. How can I get image data ? (length, width, dpi, … etc)

Thank you in advance

Bitmaps are not a native data type in GH, so you’ll either have to use a plug-in or write some custom script components for dealing with bitmaps.

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Thank you

You can use mesh from image to have the size and a sort of picture
Not a bitmap but a mesh.
See there for an example

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Thank you, but what I really need is the image, not the mesh

Get the attached that is written for entirely different purposes … but I think that suits your goals. (125.3 KB)

How it works:

  1. Loads Bitmaps in the active document bitmapTable (there’s some nasty bitmapTable related things MIA [R5] but fixed [R6]).
  2. Informs you about the loaded images related stuff.
  3. Places bitmaps in 3 modes/ways: (3.1) as traceImage, (3.2) as wallpaper and (3.3) as a surface with material (from the bitmap) [set View to Rendered] … using a preview Rectangle3d (derived from a plane and X/Y intervals) .

Shown the 3 options as above placed simultanuesly (trace (white), wallpaper (me), surface (blue):

The info that is available:

The options that you have:

Note: the surfaces are Rhino objects and thus you must remove them manually. There’s bool controls for the other 2 modes.

Note: Do not attempt to use this with Lists of Rectangles. But if you want that ability notify.


That is exactly what I was searching.

Thank you:+1:

I’ll add some “tracker” (a special attribute at baking time) for the option 3 (in order to clear the placed surfaces at once) and some X(red)/Y(green) visual indication for that preview Rectangle3d (as it is is rather confusing: where are the X/Y axis ???)


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I think that this idea is very wise indeed.

By the way, I would like to invite you to this group,

Thanks but keep in mind that I’m 100% a Bentely Systems man (ProjectWise [Google that one], AECOSim, Microstation Connect, Generative Components and lot’s of AEC oriented Bentely verticals).

BTW: In a few minutes the V1B would be ready: it adds my number (666) as string attribute to any placed [baked] Surface with material (option 3) and then … you can clear them at once based on a Querry searching for any doc object with that magic string.

Here’s the V1B (a VERY stupid reference to a null List is fixed [when you load the def at first time], sorry about that). (124.1 KB)

Place Surfaces with material:

Clear them all at once:

Usage of X/Y arrows:


V1C does some minor things more: (127.9 KB)

  1. Auto sets the active view to Rendered if the option 3 is used (in order to see the Surface with the material (or indirectly the Bitmap)).

  2. Allows you to respect (or not) the Bitmap w/h ratio if the option 1 (traceImage) is used.


Thank you

ou have already spoiled me a lot :+1:

Look, the group that I’ve invited you is not platform exclusive, actually it’s open to what ever platform you like to use platform as long as what you show or share or collaborate is about algorithmic design, cause what is important is the process, and it’s spam free :wink:

OK but … keep in mind that my view on the whole parametric/algorithic/whatever thingy is NOT what you expect/wish/hope to hear. In 5 “layers”/stages/phases involved in real-life AEC BIM driven designs comes last (if used at all, truth to be said).

BTW: Since I hate Facebook and any social media thingy how one can join the group whitout a F account? (not in a million years).


Well actually you have just provided something to me that I didn’t expect to get it in such a small amount of time. I have even started to watch C# tutorials to try to understand the file you have sent me.

Besides, I understand FB groups and how bad they’re (many lack the ability of reasoning), that’s why I have written the Group’s rules, and many of them have been already banned without contemplation.

And I don’t know how you can participate without joining FB, sorry :confused:

Anyway, if you changed your mind you’re more than welcomed :wink:

You are a very brave man.

Jokes apart if you have future plans to become an AEC pro C# is the only way (just add the forthcoming AI revolution to understand that colossal changes in everything known to man are under way [wait … in fact … they are already here] ).


That is nothing compared to what I have found…0…1c.1.64.psy-ab…0.0.0…0.ya-AruAqUW8

Other than these … and speaking about the parametric thingy: in the old days - at dawn of Time - I was smoke (prior to beta phase) testing Generative Components. My partners gathered around a state of the art H/P XW8000 workstation (now: a piece of #%#) and said: WOW that is the next big thing known to man. I said: why? They said: are you blind? I said: I see blind people here but not me among them.

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Lucky you for having such type of partners, I have started to BIM as early as 2000 with ArchiCAD, and when I have told them that AEC will be done in this, they laughed at me as if I was crazy